14.10.2015 |  Martin Berchtold spricht über das Metrobild


Titelbild Konferenz München

Abbildung: TU München

Shaping regional futures: Mapping, designing, transforming!
A conference on the performance of regional design

Gemeinsam mit Wilhelm Natrup (Leiter des Amts für Raumentwicklung, Kanton Zürich) und Anna Schindler (Direktorin der Stadtentwicklung Zürich) diskutiert Martin Berchtold das Projekt Metrobild Zürich.


The aim of the conference ‘Shaping regional futures’ is to clarify a performance of regional design: the way how the imagination and envisioning of spatial futures of regions enhances planning on regional and supra-regional levels of scale. During the conference regional design will be investigated as an institutional practice. From this perspective it is a form of analytical reasoning, political advocacy and organisational pragmatism, used to challenge, within a given freedom for interpretation, planning in place. Seen from an institutional perspective regional design is also a way to involve decision-makers, politicians, authorities, experts and a broader public, in learning about why and how to become involved in regional planning. Relationships among authors of regional designs and their audience are a key for the performance of a practice that relies on imagination, representations of what is possible and desired.

(Text TU München)


14th-15th October 2015


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